Marine Layer

Marine Layer aimed to increase productivity for tech companies by decreasing the time it takes to compile complex code utilising cloud features. The brand had to feel modern while not hitting the stereotypical visual tropes normally associated with a tech company. The logo combines a cloud with technological nodes. The

Near To Nature

Near to Nature health bars are a response to the rise in ‘snacks’ for runners and sports people that had many unusual ingredients in them. A food product that is as near to nature as you could find on the market with a high nutrient count. The logo needed to

Sinful Music

Sinful music is an a event and promotion agency which aims to provide opportunities for music artists from various backgrounds and genres. They approached me looking for a logo design that communicated a grungy, street feeling. The resulting logo combined a graffiti style font with a more contemporary sans-serif. The

TerraFirma Training

TerraFirma Training required a dynamic logo design to suit their innovative way of training for the varied vehicle based training courses on offer. Taking inspiration from an abstract interpretation of the treads of a tyre the corporate identity designed while at akgraphics for Terrafirma Training is a two colour identity that adapts well across all aspects

St. Mary’s School Rebrand

Saint Mary’s National School moved to a new building which they believed gave them a fresh start. While I worked at akgraphics they approached us to come up with a new logo for the primary school to freshen up their identity. They wanted the new brand to be fun and appeal

Ormonde Machinery Logo Design

While working at AKGraphics I was part of the team that came up with a company rebrand design for Ormonde Machinery Ltd. Ormonde Machinery is a leading supplier of quality construction mining, quarrying and recycling equipment. The company supplies a broad range of equipment to satisfy the demands of a growing

AKGraphics Christmas Cards

While working in AKGraphics I was given the brief to design a Christmas card which caught the customers eyes and tried to steer clear of cliches. My concept was to have a card which changed visually when opened. The die cut transformed the tree on the outside into an abstract,

Dingbats Calendar

A calendar celebrating the Dingbat in you! After pulling the typographic term ‘Dingbat’ out of a hat I was tasked with designing a calendar to suit. A colourful, fun calendar that was both fun and practical in its form. The beauty of this was the ability to track how often

Play Once a Day

Sport is enjoyed worldwide. However as technology improves, less and less people are playing sport and instead, would rather look at it on their tablet or watch it on television. Sport isn’t just for top athletes, it is also a fun way to stay active. By taking part in sports

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