Ormonde Machinery Logo Design

While working at AKGraphics I was part of the team that came up with a company rebrand design for Ormonde Machinery Ltd. Ormonde Machinery is a leading supplier of quality construction mining, quarrying and recycling equipment. The company supplies a broad range of equipment to satisfy the demands of a growing customer base both within Ireland and overseas.

The new identity design had to by dynamic and communicate the mechanical aspects of the business. Our logo rebrand could be adapted to be used on both a black background and a white background. The bold, capitalised font communicates that the company is strong, with the triangles complimenting the design with a mechanical element. This company rebrand has since been adapted to corporate stationery, signage, promotional clothing, adverts, various trade show graphics material, large promotional stickers for use on the machines, and vehicle graphics.


The stationary above was designed using the new identity design for Ormonde Machinery, again strong bold colours to make Ormonde Machinery stand out from its competitors. This stationary design included letterheads, compliment slips and double sided business cards. The stationary design was coherent with the new brand guidelines which were also set by AKGraphics. Graphic headers was also supplied to Ormonde Machinery for various social media platforms also.


Adverts were designed to promote the Ormonde Machinery service and main dealers offerings. These advertising designs also followed the brand guidelines and adopted a new style which kept the overall look of the Ormande Machinery rebrand.



The next step was to brand the Ormonde Machinery Technical Support vehicle, which travels nationwide throughout Ireland. Our logo design was applied to the  vehicle along with contact details and the web address designed in the new Ormonde Machinery style. The photographs above show our custom vehicle graphics applied.


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