Dingbats Calendar

A calendar celebrating the Dingbat in you! After pulling the typographic term ‘Dingbat’ out of a hat I was tasked with designing a calendar to suit. A colourful, fun calendar that was both fun and practical in its form. The beauty of this was the ability to track how often

Play Once a Day

Sport is enjoyed worldwide. However as technology improves, less and less people are playing sport and instead, would rather look at it on their tablet or watch it on television. Sport isn’t just for top athletes, it is also a fun way to stay active. By taking part in sports

World Cup 2014 Statistics

A magazine containing 10 facts and 4 statistics about the world cup in Brazil in 2014.

LSAD Drawing Awards 2015

In 2015 the LSAD Drawing Awards celebrated 10 years of exhibitions. Because of this the decision was made to re-brand the exhibition. The ‘Choose your Weapon” campaign allowed all disciplines to submit their work to the exhibition. Drawing inspiration from the organisation of an army and the idea of being

Boost – Tempo

Boost Energy Drinks decided they would like to launch a new range of drinks aimed at an active target market. I teamed with Dean Ryan and Andy Summers to generate a product name and advertising campaign for these products. We came up with the name ‘Boost Tempo’. This tied in

Amnesty International – Agents For Change

In 2014 Amnesty International hosted an event aimed at recruiting volunteers to help make a change in our world. One of the issues being put forward was that of womens rights. I discovered some startling statistics in relation to abused women in Ireland and decided to create a poster aimed

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