Boost – Tempo

Boost Energy Drinks decided they would like to launch a new range of drinks aimed at an active target market. I teamed with Dean Ryan and Andy Summers to generate a product name and advertising campaign for these products.

We came up with the name ‘Boost Tempo’. This tied in with our overall idea for the product which was aimed at getting people to dance and move. Our bottle designs showcased movement in an abstract manner.


We then generated advertising materials for these bottles. The tag line ‘let the beat control your body’ enhanced our idea of the drinks promoting an active, fun lifestyle.

We then thought outside the box in terms of promoting the drinks. We came up with a point of sale which included water speakers on each side pulsating to the sound of music. We also came up with the concept of a dance mat with the end goal of winning a free bottle of Boost Tempo if a certain score was beaten.


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